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Admission and registration

Admission procedure and criteria:

A selection procedure will take place even if the number of applicants does not exceed the maximum of 28 students allowed. In this procedure all professional and academic merits of the applicants will be objectively taken into account. In particular, curricular aspects related to the Master contents will be positively considered. Merits documentally validated (academic certificate and curriculum vitae) will be considered and participants may be asked for a personal interview.


Fulll time. Duration of studies: one academic year.
Full-time studies involving the 60 credits needed to obtain the master's degree, including: 30 compulsory credits + 24 credits from one of two possible specialties + 6 credits of Master thesis.

Part-time. Duration of studies: two or more academic years. (University regulations of June 28, 2016)
The minimum number of credits a student admitted in the master can enrol for is 24, and should correspond to at least one of the existing modules, complete (excluding the Master Thesis). The maximum credit for this mode is 48.

Special permission:

Students who have formalized their part-time registration may request permission for not to attend class in whole or in part. To this, they should send  one requeste to the Academic Committee. Applicants have 10 working days from the registration deadline to submit (through the "Registro" of the Faculty) the application form and supporting documentation. Then, the Commission will respond in a maximum of 15 working days. Permission may not apply for official exams, nor for specific activities marked as compulsory attendance, if any, in the guidelines of the subjects.

Adaptation procedure:

Students from the University of A Coruña doctorate programs “Health Promotion” and “Cognitive, Instructional and Psycho-educational Intervention Processes” may have up to 20 credits convalidated in the Master, depending on the doctorate courses finished. It also may recognize a maximum of 20 credits for courses from other doctoral programs regulated by the RD 778/1998, if their themes correspond with that of this master. The Master thesis may not be, in any case, subjecto to credit convalidation.

Faculty of Educational Studies

Departament of Psychology

Coordinator: Alicia Risso Migues



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