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The Master in Applied Psychology students may choose between the specialties of "Health Psychology" and "Psychological Intervention in Educational Settings".

• Specialty in Health Psychology
This specialty emphasizes different levels of analysis and different strategies of action that, from the different fields or areas of Psychology, are useful for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of health problems or alternatively, serve for the promotion, maintenance and restoration of individual’s health.
Its scope is the field of Health Psychology, a specific area of intervention and specialized research, with a high demand by current Psychology professionals. It seeks therefore to train professionals to implement the theoretical, practical and research aspects in Health Psychology.

• Specialty in Psychological Intervention in Educational Settings
This specialty emphasizes the basics, requirements and procedures of psychological intervention in educational contexts, particularly in relation to emotional, motivational and communication processes, as well as in reading, writing and calculation.

Faculty of Educational Studies

Departament of Psychology

Coordinator: Alicia Risso Migues



Telephone number: (+34) 88 101 1790
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Campus de Elviña s/n
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