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Although the Degree purpose, the description of its objectives and the specification of its competences already provide enough information on capabilities, attitudes and skills that students are expected to have at the end of their studies, it is worth noting that one of the most important aspects is that they must be prepared to continue their formation in a doctoral program, which will culminate in the preparation and presentation of a doctoral thesis.

Notwithstanding the above, the Master in Applied Psychology aims to train professionals-researchers who possess the following capabilities defining what represents the R+D+i:

  • Identifying relevant scientific problems through sources of information on the state of the art in Psychology.

  • Responding to research problems by applying the scientific method.

  • Being able to communicate their results to the reference scientific community with the greatest impact through the various means available.

  • Transferring their knowledge to the professional and social sectors receiving advances in Applied Psychology.

  • Being able to innovate in the areas covered by research in Applied Psychology.

  • Possessing an updated, specialized and multidisciplinary knowledge in the field of Applied Psychology and, more specifically, in some specialty of Health Psychology or Psychological Intervention in Educational Contexts.

  • Behaving scientific and professionally in a manner consistent with sustainable development and improving social justice.

  • Being able to make argued critical judgments, and to evaluate scientific production in accordance with the guidelines established by Scientific Psychology.

Faculty of Educational Studies

Departament of Psychology

Coordinator: Alicia Risso Migues



Telephone number: (+34) 88 101 1790
                                (except August)


Campus de Elviña s/n
15071 A Coruña - España

N: 43° 20' 03'' - O: 08° 24' 56''

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