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The standard entry path for students applying for the Master in Applied Psychology is holding a Bachelor’s degree in any field of Psychology, or an equivalent degree from a Spanish or foreign university. Since the Master in oriented primarily to research, it is open to applicants from other degrees wishing to specialize in any the research lines offered in the Master, although it does not enable students to work in a professional field different from their entry degree. The Master is thus suited for graduates working in the fields of mental heatlh and education who want to acquire specific skills in the two specialties offered.

Regarding the characteristics sought in applicants enroling in the Master, the following can be underlined:

  • Personal characteristics: Inclination towards study and reading, scientific aptitude, autonomous learning skills, team work capacity, interpersonal communication skills, critical reasoning and analysis capacity, ethical and democratic commitment, compromise with diversity and multiculturality.
  • Academic skills: Training in Social Sciences or Health Sciences, computer user skills, English language proficiency, proficency (written and spoken) in any of the official regional languages (Spanish or Galician).

Faculty of Educational Studies

Departament of Psychology

Coordinator: Alicia Risso Migues



Telephone number: (+34) 88 101 1790
                                (except August)


Campus de Elviña s/n
15071 A Coruña - España

N: 43° 20' 03'' - O: 08° 24' 56''

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