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Academic requirements:

  • Licenciate degree (5-year university degree)
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent (e.g. University diploma + Master = 240 credits)
  • Applicants from degrees unrelated to psychology must write to the Master Academic Panel supporting the pertinence of their application.

Entry requirements:

The copy of the application form must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Copy of DNI, NIE ou passport
  • Copy of the academic title included in the application.
  • Official academic certificate
  • Curriculum, accompanied by supporting documentation (see schedule of admission).
  • Manuscript supporting the application (if needed, see academic requirements, above).

All documents must be validated in Spain and if needed, translated to one of the official regional languages (Spanish or Galician). 
It will be delivered in person or by mail (not by e-mail) at the Registry of the Dean of the Faculty.

Valid degrees include:

  • All Spanish university degrees.
  • All degrees by a higher education institution in the European Space for Higher Education that enable access to a Master degree. 
  • Other titles outside the European Space for Higher Education approved by the Spanish Government. 
  • Graduates from outside the European Space for Higher Education whose titles are not approved can be admitted if the University determines that their educational level is equivalent to Spanish official titles and allows post-graduate studies admission in the country of origin. Access via this procedure will not imply in any case approval of the accession title or validation for any other use except admission in the Master. Using this option must be clearly stated in the application.


Faculty of Educational Studies

Departament of Psychology

Coordinator: Alicia Risso Migues



Telephone number: (+34) 88 101 1790
                                (except August)


Campus de Elviña s/n
15071 A Coruña - España

N: 43° 20' 03'' - O: 08° 24' 56''

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